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Welcome to Legend of the Green Dragon, a browser based role playing game, based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon.
The current time in Storm Valley is 4:26 am.
Next new game day in: 1h, 37m, 49s (real time)

The newest resident of the realm is: Archangel Kalisiin

Soaring high over Storm Valley, you can see 10,318 Dragon banners whipped about in the wind.

The most recent warrior to destroy the Penguin Overlord is: Snow Cannon Evy

The most recent hero of the realm is: Archangel Kalisiin

Today's weather is expected to be warm and sunny.

Enter your name and password to enter the realm.
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Long ago dragons were rampaging against humans, in the years that passed heroes arose and challenged these dragons, fighting them back one by one. Until the dragons of evil were pushed back into the darkest corners of the wilderness. But in all this, th

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Online Characters (1 players):
Archangel Kalisiin
Quest 4 Dragon


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